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Come Dive With Us. It Is What We Do Best.

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Welcome to the Abyss Dive Center. Meet the Abyss team online as you plan your dive and build a relationship with our instructors and guides. In person we are even more fun as you live your diving experience in the Mexican Caribbean! They are a little camera shy but we have captured them in action through our videos and photos so you can see the dives you will experience while in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera.

The Abyss Dive Center is a full service Canadian run Dive Center and Training Facility in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. We provide diving services to divers located along the coast of the Mayan Riviera ensuring that you get the dive vacation that you want! We have been diving and exploring the Mexican Caribbean for over 15 years both as teachers and guides. With our dive team, you will have the ultimate dive adventure. Our goal is to have fun fun but put safety, diversity and customer service top on the dive plan.



Book your entire dive vacation online and receive VIP service when you arrive! Our dive groups are small and we focus on your diving needs once you land in Playa del Carmen. Our online booking system is easy, fast and convenient.
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It’s our blog! Find out what we saw today in the ocean today and learn more about what you will see while diving in the Mexican Caribbean. We have been writing since 2004 so there are lots of stories for you to read and photos to see!
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Get prepared before you arrive. You can start your diving courses online today and finish your course with one of our instructors when you arrive. E-learning is available through SSI and PADI making your dive vacation all about diving!
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“I just love these guys!!! Started diving with them in 2001 and now I go several times a year.”

Diver from San Francisco, USA

Dive with the Abyss Dive Center

“Excellent, professional dive center with personalized service. These guys make it happen!”

Diver from Munich, Germany