$97.00 CDN Round Trip Flights starting January 7, 2008


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, and boy could it be a happy new year for all….we just looked up flights again….starting the first week of January flights prices are dropping dramatically again. Toronto Cancun direct 97.00 Cdn (it would be better if it was USD, but oh well) plus tax…that makes the return flight under 350 CDn for a week in the sun, the sand and Hotel Tropical CasaBlanca! We have a few rooms left, so book it quick…..

go to the regular page for your deals, www.belairtravel.ca and i would book it quick….we are hearing the reports about the cold, the snow and now you will have the holiday blues….so get your dive kit, bathing suit and beach towel and head south…..

let us know if you want a room, www.tropicalcasablanca.com


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