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So we had a great sunny day here on the coast of the Rivieria Maya with customers flocking to each and every one of the shops we have opened in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Now before er give you this feedback from customers as they now have had the total Abyss Dive Experience, we have to remind everyone that we would not post names, so no names will be posted in this….and no hints of names either….

Today we had customers staying in Tulum and diving with us in Tulum, go up to Playa Del Carmen to see the Tarpons and Turtles. The blog actually works we have noticed and they were all over doing the drive. On the other hand we had a group of divers, people who have been diving with us for years, flocking to Tulum, as they are staying in Playa Del Carmen…so the cars crossed each other on the highway, the measley 45 drive it takes to go to either place.

The Tulum group (or should we call them the Playa Group) was ready for a three tank day, two in the ocean and one in Casa Cenote… where as the Playa Group wanted two tanks in Playa and then hopped in their car to join us for a one tank in Casa cenote for the rest of day….whewww, i am tired…these two are getting married on Wednesday so maybe they have some extra energy…for diving…

All had a great time and all were amazed at the diversity they had betweeen the two towns (we are not ready to call Playa and Tulum cities yet). For all the diversity and adventure made thier dive vacation a really enjoyable time…..they loved it….the reef in TUllum is shallower and full with coral. The sealife right now in Playa Del Carmen can not be beat. The shimmer of Casa Cenote i think was at its best today and the lunch break, at the restaurant helped as well. We had eight happy divers, who were thrilled with their days and are coming back for more tomorrow, ocean in thier Hotel towns and then cenotes on another day….hmmmm, diversity yes, great laughs, of course, tired, yes, fulfilled, absolutely….Que Bueno they said as they piled into the car, water in had and ready for a good sleep on the way home…

All in a days work right…yipe right, all in a days work….

Check out North 22 on the website as it seems that we will be needing a hand with more mapping. Summer is the best time to do it so lets all try and plan a week of diving, courses and mapping so we can finally show everyone what we rave about here in Tulum…Playa we have covered…but we need your help with Tulum…check it out…

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