Abyss Adventure #1


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A decision was made the other day to ensure that we continue to find new dive adventures for all of us, employees, clients and new visitors. We love the reef and the cenotes but our mission here at the Abyss is to provide diving diversity, safety and fun for all. The Tulum group took it into thier own hands to conduct the first Abyss Adventure: A Night Dive in Casa Cenote…

Four people were part of this adventure group, Nicola, who you all know, Daniella, our dive instrutor at Abyss Tulum, Andy, our snorkel guide and sales person extraordinaire at Cenote Dive Center and Manuel, the eco-guide from Sian Kaan Tours (Cesiak). These four met at 7:30 pm for the first night dive conducted in Casa Cenote.

For those not familiar with Casa Cenote, it is a mangrove cenote located beside the ocean in Tank-ha Bay. This cenote is unique as it has a tunnel that leads to the ocean enabling reef fish to travel into the fresh water environment where they spawn. Though the tunnel is off limits to open water divers, the cenote is considered an open water dive as there is no overhead environment. This makes is perfect for the night dive adventure.

We had a mission to look for phosphoresence in the halocline, discover what it would like to conduct a night dive in fresh water as none of us had done this and uncover the animals that appear at night in the spawning ground. Oops, and we were doing the night dive to count towards Andy´s advance course…which he passed with flying colours…but more about the adventure.

With a bundle of energy, the four of us climbed into Betsy and made the trip to Casa. Rapidly and with a focused intent which we have not had for a while, we put on our gear and went into the cenote..upon the descend the smiles were growing the deeper we went….how wonderful…the moon was clearly spotted through the clear waters of Casa, the animals were out in full view and sleeping. We were able to hover and watch the habits of sleeping fish…this we found fascinating, but hey we are freaks…it was difficult to pull us away. Our thrill really was coming from seeing Casa Cenote in a different light or in this case no light at all, giving us a whole new view of this diving environment.

Four divers ascended with huge smiles after our adventure ended….how great this dive was and how wonderful it would be on a full moon….we spent the trip home dicussing the next adventure and when we could open up this dive to all of our clients/friends. The decision, the dive is now an official night dive for our clients in Tulum…so next time you come to visit, book for our adventure tour in Casa Cenote. You will probably find four eager people coming with you for another glimpse of this great environment.

Next adventure: Monday Night-destination and activity to be revealed Tuesday

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