Abyss Dive Center just added online video streaming in real time


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Playa del Carmen live stream video

Miss the Riviera Maya? Want to see what is happening in Playa del Carmen even when you are not here! Well, we just added a new online video stream service to the Abyss line up of online tools for our divers so you always feel a part of the action!

Last Friday May 11 2012, we tested this wonderful service thinking, we can try but wont be disappointed it if fails. We had people on our fan page waiting to watch, divers on Twitter hoping to stream in and ….it….worked…..! Every single bit of our idea worked without a hitch! And people watched us live at the Wah Wah beach bar as though they were there!

We have been techie divers for a long time, it is what we do, but have been a bit compromised with the online techie stuff that these days is moving too fast for anyone. Sure we have Twitter, Facebook, You tube and Flicker, and since 1997 we have been making underwater videos for our divers. But this new online streaming of our every move. WOW! This is super cool.

Now if you want to know when we are streaming live, you can subscribe to our live feed and receive notification that we are shooting at that very moment. You can by-pass Facebook and Twitter notifications completely so that you don’t miss a beat. Go to our live streaming page here and  subscribe. Done.

Watch recorded live stream videos on the Abyss profile

People are busy, so we have the videos saved so you can review later. How super cool is that. You can comment, you can joke around you can share the live video and saved video with your friends. What we have not been able to do yet, and we do say yet, is how to live stream while we are diving! Now that would be the coolest feature yet, but we are working on it. We have a few more tech lessons to take in order for that to be achieved, but we never thought we could live stream when we wanted, and now we can so hold on, it may be sooner than we think.

Here is the recorded version of the may 11 event for you to watch. It was a fun night, lots of people there and Wah Wah beach bar rocked! Thanks to Kim and JJ for helping us host this important event!

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