Abyss throws great events – May 11 2012 at Wah Wah in Playa


Come join us! Great event May 11, 2012


Let the Party Begin in Playa del Carmen

Look out! Abyss Dive Center has some news which will be announced at a new event  just announced on Facebook! Whether you are in Playa del Carmen or not, you can participate in this super fun, creative and informative event starring Dave Tomlinson!

Live Stream of the event for out of towners

As Dave gets smarter/older, he gets more creative. He just came up with the idea to stream the event live on Facebook so become a fan! The event will only be streamed on the fan page so Like us (virtually and spiritually :) ) and you can catch the event on May 11, 2012 at 6:45 pm live from Wah Wah beach bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

Dave wants to introduce his new ‘tech side and personality’ to everyone and explain some cool new features that he has come up with to make diving and dive vacations that much easier at the Abyss Dive Center.

Abyss dive center event May 11, 1012 Wah Wah beach bar


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