Affiliate Ideas

Affiliate Ideas

Affiliate marketing can and should be an integral and key part of your overall business and marketing strategy.

By joining the Abyss Dive Center Affiliate Program and linking through text links, banner ads or other methods from your website, you earn a percent of revenues generated from customers who visit the Abyss Dive Center website and make purchases through your links.

Your affiliate link comes with earning potential and a guarantee that you are aligned with a dive company and training facility that provides a great diving experience and excellent customer service while supporting their affiliate partners, you.

As an affiliate you will receive:

  • online support
  • ongoing ideas show how an affiliate program can work for you
  • banners and online ads that help market your affiliate link
  • tools to make money through online referrals

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Affiliate marketing is just like in person commission sales programs. The only different is, it is done online instead of in your store or on the street.

The idea is to increase the number of  people who click your affiliate link and visit the Abyss Dive Center online store. The more buyers who click your link on your online real estate, either through text links or banner ads that you set up, the greater chance you have to convert that visit to a sale.

Your job is to provide the referral to the site – we handle everything from there. We eliminate the need for persuasive selling – it’s our job to get divers to book with us. Our website is jammed packed with diving information and has an online store where customers can book immediately. Send the referrals and it is our job to deliver the ongoing tours, training and customer service.

The most effective method of promoting your affiliation is to ensure your approach is consistent with ours – when you speak to potential clients about our services, be confident in your product knowledge of what we sell.  Also be confident that we will handle your client as though they are our own. We know if clients do well, so do you – and ultimately, so do we.

Bonus: Regardless of the length of time since they clicked through on your affiliate link, your affiliate cookie will still work and attribute the credit to you for the sale for up to 120 days.

Proven Affiliate marketing strategies

Share The News About Abyss Dive Center and Training Facility – Communicate Your New Affiliation To Your guests, online friends, and those who you know are coming to the Riviera Maya. Use your social networks, webpage, blog or email list to get people excited about diving and booking a dive vacation or tour in the Riviera Maya.  Sharing your affiliate link in your communications makes you an influencer with your peers and associates.

Key online real estate

Your home page or blog. If you want to maximize the impact of your affiliation, feature on your website homepage or blog. Note that positions at the top of the page are typically more effective than lower on the page. If you are a B2C company and think that your clients are would be interested in an active vacation in Playa del Carmen, Tulum or the Riviera Maya, show one of the banner ads that makes anyone melt and want to book a vacation now.

Ad Placement: Ads directly adjacent to the right scroll bar. These ads typically receive a 200% higher click through rate. Ads on the top 1/3 of the page (still on the first screen) generate about a 75% higher click-through rate.Larger ads receive higher response. They attract more visibility and, when clearly focused, are more effective at establishing credibility quickly. When the typical page is only allowed three or four seconds to be viewed, the visual elements are critical. Abyss Dive Center has a variety of banner and online ads that are to be used by affiliates. Check your affiliate dashboard area for these images and we will continue to update the banner ads throughout the year.

Banner ads containing text links adjacent to them. Although people may miss the banner ad, considering it a graphic to accompany the text link, they will more frequently see the text-based link. Alt tags with accurate and complete descriptions allow users with slower download time to “see” the content before it is viewable.

Communication systems

E-mail list – Contact other professionals, the people you know and do business with. Be confident that the affiliation you’ve selected is one to be proud of. Emphasize the variety of our products ranging from guided tours, courses, snorkeling and resort courses for beginners – people who know and trust you as a credible source will be comfortable with your personal e-mail and respect you for making the choice to partner with us.

Send a message that tells them about Abyss Dive Center and Training Facility and encourage them to visit the website to learn more about diving tours, courses and unique diving opportunities in the Riviera Maya. Cenote diving can only be done in this area so highlight this unique diving opportunity. Nothing speaks louder than a personal testimony – let them know about the positive results you’ve experienced as a diver or use our divers testimonials to give that personal voice to your message. Make sure you get your credit by adding your affiliate link to the new program you are telling them about.

Offline referrals

People share information about Abyss Dive Center in a wide variety of ways – including when meeting face to face or over the phone. What’s important to remember is that when referring others, be sure you use your affiliate link. The most effective way to lose a potential income-producing resource is to refer to the  home page, rather than through your affiliate link – you’ll will not get credit for offline referrals or word of mouth referrals. So instead, you can say something like this:

When meeting in person, say, “I’ll send you the link by e-mail so it doesn’t get lost.” Then make sure you do that, along with a personal note: “You can reach the Abyss Dive Center here. Give me your feedback and let me know when you will be in Playa del Carmen.”

When over the phone, you can still send them the link while they’re on the phone with you, and your friend can click through while you’re on the line. Using a chat program to instant message them is always an effective method – when you have their attention. Take the time to orient them to the information and resources available at the site.

 New Services offered by Abyss Dive Center

Abyss Dive Center regularly announces seasonal tours and dive courses. Watch out for our emails that announce seasonal tours and new courses.

A seasonal tour or dive course is the most effective time to announce your to your contacts that they should get in on the action and not miss the seasonal tour in the Riviera Maya. Launch a specifically targeted campaign or announcement in your communications. The people who are already in the system may respond to the information – you’ll still get credit. An extra reminder from you can increase the likelihood they’ll respond.

If you are using Abyss Dive Center ads, content or forwarding information sent to you and adding your affiliate link please make sure that the following information is included in the written material: on the footer of the article using:


The most effective way to market your affiliate link is to share your personal story with Abyss Dive Center. If people know that you are benefiting from our online affiliate program and referral system, others will want to join in. Your story sells and can award you some great extra income if you register and join the Abyss Dive Center affiliate marketing program.