Appreciation for the Sport of Diving


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We are all divers, this is the common thread that gets you to read this blog, when we post, HEHEHEHEH, but today I saw something that made me realize what it is that we love to do…..

is an amazing, amazing sport! If you look really really closely at this photo, and i can not credit anyone for it, as i dont know who took it, there is a diver kneeling under the wreck…a little bitty diver that is nothing compared to this wreck under the ocean. We can do this, we do do this every day. Well our customer do it a few times per year and we love you for it. This is not only a sport but the coolest thing in the world!!!! We see things that a lot of people can not see, which makes us appreciate the ocean, the atmosphere, the species that exist even when we can not see them. How great is that. We are priviledged as divers and some days when we think we had a bad dive, meaning, oh yeah i saw another fish, i saw another morey eel, how could a bad dive be a bad dive….i truly believe now that a bad dive can not exist. Just having the freedom to be underwater, to see one thing, one fish, or just revel in the water, with no feeling of weight, has got to make every dive a great dive….Diving is a priviledge, we are able to see things that most people can not, we get to see things interact that other people may not have a clue about. We get to breathe through a regulator and hear our breathe. That in itself is a a priviledge…and should not be taken lightly.

I love this picture and share it, please as i think it is a great demonstration of why we love to dive. Diver, a wreck, in the water no noise only an alter thanking whomever for the opportunity to see this….first hand without any interference. I am going to casa cenote tomorrow to get wet, anyone want to come….

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