Avatar The Movie and Scuba Diving


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When I went to see Avatar in the Imax theatre, the first images of Pandora reminded me of the ocean, of coral reefs, the colours we see everyday and what we experience in the ‘other world’.  knowing that James Cameron is an avid scuba diver and has spent thousand of hours underwater, I had to smile.  He brilliantly took his images and experiences from the underwater world and created this new world of the Navi, Pandora.

He cleverly mixed phosphouresence with tropical fish inspired colours on some of the animals, mimicked the vegetation of corals and aneomes into the landscape and wowed the audience with fun trees and bushes only to be found in pandora.

If you have done any diving, you will know that there is imagery of jelly fish, tile fish, christmas tree coral that disappears when you come near it as a diver, the floating islands reminded me of the floating algea in Casa Cenote and more!

Below are a few of the images that have been picked from teh movie that resemble what we see in the underwater world.  Sigourney Weaver said it best in an interview that the audience is taken to another world, something that we do as divers each and every time we go into the ocean.  Have a look and see if you see what I see….it was brilliant!

James Cameron is in an interview that talks about his inspiration for the movie…if you cant dive then at least go and see Avatar so that you can witness the surroundings that we see as divers…the war is not included but the surroundings are!

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