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The dive center is up and running at the Corto Maltese, the boys are kicking butt and somehow everyone is finding us, despite our displacement. It is true, `If you build it, they WILL come´

We have all found this little change a little stressful, but I think we are finding our place. The dive center is different, we miss our Bodega (storage unit which none of you really saw) BUT dives are going out, new customers are finding us, the beach is fantastic and all the staff at the Corto Maltese are welcoming the divers and staff at the Abyss Dive Center. It may be a nice match for the next few weeks. ´Close one door and another one opens´and we have found that multiple doors are opening up for us since our little catastrophy at the other beach location. (not really a catastrophy but it feels like that some days)

The best news is Saturday Nights are back at the Abyss and the BBQ´s are running!!! Regular divers, locals and other business owners joined us for fish, chicken wings, great guacamole and just a few beers…just a few…with everyone stating how great it was to have the BBQ´s back…Tulum staff, Playa staff and of course Carlos were having a great time and were able to have thier first beer together since the hurricane.

Tourism seems to be picking up with airlines starting to understand that Mexico is not destroyed. Really, the wokers everywhere along the coast are busting butt to get ready for Thanksgiving. All habitants of Cozumel are wearing a great t-shirt that says ´The Island stronger than Wilma´and this is true.

People are finally getting back to routines and we are able to discuss our options at the Blue Parrot, so hang tight. We should hopefully know where and how we will be operating for Christmas so that we are easily found. If you can´t find us, just ask….local businesses are supporting us to ensure that customers get to their favorite dive center.

Let us know when you are arriving and keep on eye on the blog….if we are off line for a few days then either we are diving or taking a well deserved day off…which all of us need from time to time..Catch you in the blue soon….

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