Bull Shark Season is approaching!


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The whalesharks are now migrating south for the winter but we are appoaching one of your most exciting dive seasons, BULL SHARK SEASON!

Woa woa woa you say…Bull Sharks, who ever said that Bull sharks were part of the scuba diving plan! The are big, dangerous and human eating so none of these tours for me thanks.

Lets do a review.  And you may want to then consider this great opportunity as a scuba diver, as we do consider this an opportunity and a privilege to have Bull Sharks among us.

1.  These are no feeding tours.  Many shark tours are in chummed waters so that people are guaranteed shark sightings.  Great White tours are notorious for this type of tour preparation and I can let you know that we, at the Abyss Dive Center, do not feed or would even think of feeding.  Chumming the waters makes sharks aggressive, and this is where tours can become dangerous.  Our diving with the Bull Sharks are observation tours, in an area that the Bull Sharks have been migrating to for as long as we can remember.  Rumors have started stating that the Bull Sharks have just started showing up….news flash they have been here for years…it just was not publicized as it is now.

2. Bull Sharks are beautiful.  Or any shark for that matter when you observe them in their natural habitat.  They are graceful, they are intelligent, they are really fanscinating…and when observed it really blows your mind that they are perceived and documented to be dangerous.  There are as many dangerous SHARKS on land that you should be apprehensive about as there are in the ocean.  It is about education and awareness and getting rid of old beliefs that will let you enjoy this tour.

3.  Scuba diving is the only way to really enjoy and have this experience.  Unlike the whaleshark tours which are best snorkeling, the Bull sharks are best when observed through  scuba diving.  This tour is for certified divers only so if you are not certified, this is a great excuse (as if you need one) to get your certification.  The bull sharks are located at 20 meters of depth so diving certification is a must!

Trips are each afternoon at 3 30 pm and must be booked in advance.  They fill up quickly as there are many shark fans out there who want to view these great bulls over and over again.  The season starts in November and ends in march so have a look at our dive packages and book your flight.  They will be waiting…

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