But the shallow sites are boring aren’t they?


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If we got a dollar for every time we get asked this, we would be able to buy a fleet of new boats! (well nearly!)

It seems that a lot of divers think that all the interesting underwater life is only found at deeper depths. While this may be true of some parts of the world, in Playa Del Carmen it is a very different story.

The Sites

We have five main “shallow” sites; Moc-che, Chunzumbul, Cuervo Del Pargo, Jardines and Shangri-la. They have a maximum depth of 40ft (approx 12m)


Who can dive these sites?

These sites usually have less current than the deeper sites and all have convenient decent and ascent lines, so are perfect for divers of all levels. From those on their first Discover Dive or students on their Open Water dives to certified divers who need a refresh before diving the deeper sites and seasoned divers who want to explore or practice their photography out of the drift.

So why are these sites so exciting?

Well, firstly because the current is less strong, you get the chance to explore under all those rocks and peep into ever hole, where you might find a multitude of macro life such as pipefish, spider crabs and banded coral shrimp as well huge lobsters and crabs, giant Green Moray Eels and those mean looking Scorpionfish.

Secondly, the shallower sites, with their coral gardens, are where most reef fish breed and lay their eggs, so all year round, in amongst the variety of coral colonies there are nurseries of colorful juvenile fish and their parents hang out in big schools nearby. It’s also cool to see the fish working together at the cleaning stations amongst the corals.

Thirdly, as the ocean has no fences, you never know which big creatures might show up on your dive. Regular spots are Green and Hawksbill Turtles and even the occasional Loggerhead. (We have friendly turtle on Moc che who we affectionately call Mabel) Also the caves and corals are home to Green, Spotted, Chain and Goldentail Moray Eels. Hidden on the sandy bottom, next to the reef there are often big Southern Stingray and camouflaged Yellow Stingray.

Finally after some lucky recent sitings, we never forget to look out into the open blue water for that glimpse of a Bull Shark, a school of Spotted Eagle Rays, Mobula Manta Rays, playful dolphins or even a migrating Whale Shark.

When can you Dive?

We leave the beach for the shallow sites at 2pm every afternoon, and they are less than 10 minutes boat ride away. You can do either a 1 or 2 tank trip. We also offer 1 tank night dives on these sites.

So come and get excited by our shallow sites. You never know what you are going to see!

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