Can the IPad Measure Up?


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Many scuba divers are tech heads and the super tech heads do seem to gravitate towards more technical diving and more gadgets when they dive.

Who thought we would ever see the day when a PC computer could go underwater?  In the video below is an example of a PC going to minimal depths, but neverthe less going to depth.  Can Steve Jobs make his new IPad do the same thing?  Will  we be eventually navigating underwater with an application, not a dive computer or god for bid the dive tables?

Will fish identification be done by taking a photo on your IPad and then having an App going through the computer library of flora and fauna to find the exact fish species and coral type you just found.

The horror of it all is, will we become more depend on our smart computers/phones while diving as we have become on land?

The next bit of information is strictly a personal point of view.  In no way does this reflect the opinion of all divers and not even of our dive center.  It is just an opinion, a thought a breathe with words, but still something that needs to be said.

If Steve Jobs has ever been diving he will not want to create an IPad for scuba diving.  The sacredness of this activity is that no one can speak, there are no external noises, interuptions, distractions (except for the fish and what is going on down there), phone calls, NADA!  dive computers were a big introduction to what divers do and was done purely for safety.  In the beginning they were a bit of an intrusion as most divers did not know how to use them.  Now they are seamlessly a part of the experience without any interuptions, only some glancing and checking.  I have heard underwater photosgraphers wanting to retire their camera for a dive or two only to not have all that stuff with them and wanting to just focus on their breathe.  Do we, as scuba divers really want the option of a submersible PC computer or smart something which could distract from what we are doing and learning?  I will leave you to decide for yourself.

Just a few things to consider.  There is a reason why cell phone and smart phone use is not allowed when diving, there i am sure are more and restaurants becoming cell phone free zones so that everyone is not bothered by the ringing of phones during meals.  So what would be the benefit or safety benefit of having an IPad or any PC going underwater….

Please Mr JObs do not thinks that the next step for the IPad is to make it submersible for all divers.  Yest he sport is becoming more popular, but the need for land activities to accompany scuba divers into the depths of the ocean is not necessary.  It was nice that it was a potential vision but we dont need to take our increased human error down under as well.  This is the only place on the planet currently that we can find peace.  So if the vision starts, lets not make the vision into realty…lets just leave that thought as a thought…okay?

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