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Whew, Easter just finished, The Famous Semana Santa is over and we have time to reflect…..and have time to let you know all the great things that have been happening….lets catch up and review the diving, the hotel and the great life we have here in Mexico.

So for diving; The Treasure Hunt went off without a hitch this year. It did not fall on David’s birthday so there was no cake, but the prizes were fabulous, the attendees had fun and we had snorkellers join us this year. Due to the success of this addition, we will run it again next year, so bring your non-diving friends to the event. The Event plan is being worked on as we speak so look out for the 2008 date and list of prizes.

The boys have been seeing bull sharks, whale sharks (yes i did say whale sharks) and lots of barracuda. Peter, our new Swedish instructor, and Todd our other instructor for some reason keeps missing it all, but everyone else is getting a great glimpse of these amazing animals. They claim that they do not have Superman eyes, but they get to see it on video. Steve caught some on video and others have taken photos….this is a sweet deal. Even sweeter is the arrival of the Tarpons which are slowly coming back to Tortuga for their summer vacation. For those who have seen them, they really are a wonder. For those who have not, it is a must. We have schools of huge tarpon that seem to hang out at the end of the dive on Tortuga, and we are blessed every summer with this. They are here now for 6 months, the end of November, so plan a quick get away to see this and more….Now Peter would like it if i mentioned that he saw to day a very rare eel, the Chain Morey on Jardines….this he is excited about, as he gets excited each and every dive when he gets out there to see what we can see.

Tulum is doing well and we are getting more and more divers to the area. We are pleased to see that our clients and new clients want to see a different part of the MesoAmerican reef. It is a very different experience to Playa Del Carmen with some very distinct corals, little drift and short boat rides.

And finally the hotel. We have had a great time with the hotel in the last 6 months and have started our renovations. The House, CasaBlanca, is done and we will be posting photos shortly. The house has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, an entertainment room, diningroom for 14 people and a kick ass kitchen. It has been a long Mexican process, but we were prepared for this. Our patience has paid off and the end product is fantastic….we willl let you know when the photos are up on the website of the hotel, and the webpage.

So what is next, some tranquillo days, some fun diving, more fun diving and some more fun diving. Life is getting easier with the hotel, we have to say, as we have our divers with us all the time, loving it and we think, those who have had the experience of the true stay and play, the Abyss way, have enjoyed thier time.

I think we are all caught up…..the diving is great, the hotel is great, our friends are great and thanks to everyone who has been by in the last few months…we are back in full force and ready to take you diving… is what we do best and what we love to do….

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