Cenote Diving

Cenote Diving

As if the amazing Caribbean Sea wasn’t enough to lure divers to Playa del Carmen, this area also offers a truly unique feature – the cenotes. Diving in a cenote is an other-worldy experience, and it is easy to understand why the Maya held the cenotes sacred.

To dive the cavern of a cenote, you only need to be Open Water Certified.

The Yucatan peninsula is basically a giant limestone slab that was once coral reef. For millions of years, rainwater carved the porous stone, creating beautiful caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The peninsula is penetrated with miles and miles of cave systems.

After the end of the ice age the water level rose around the world and thus the caves got filled with water. In some places the roof of the cave has collapsed, creating a sinkhole that works as an entrance to the cave. Such a sinkhole is called cenote, which comes from the Mayan word dzonot.

The cenotes are filled with fresh water, so amazingly clear it feels like you’re floating around in air. ‘Like being an astronaut’, is what many say. The experience is difficult to describe and photos don’t do it justice. It’s just one of those things you have to do.

Abyss Dive Center will take you on a fun and safe cenote dive. The guide is Cave Certified and we never take more than four on a tour.

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