College Credits for Scuba Courses in Playa del Carmen


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This is a well kept secret, but the question is, why keep it a secret. I wish someone offered this deal to me when I was at school.

It is simple, take your SSI scuba course and recieve college credits.  Could it be any simpler.  DIVE, EARN COLLEGE CREDITS…nope, don’t think so.   And this can be done anywhere in the world…anywhere a nd if you need a great excuse to plan a trip to Mexico, you can tell you parents or your spouse, but I am taking a course that earns me credits.

To process this great deal, email and check to see how many credits you will gain at your college by completing the scuba course or courses.  Make sure you have all paperwork from them to ensure that you can apply for the credits.

Second visit the office in your college that can confirm the acceptance of the credits and obtain whatever paperwork you need from the office that may have to be signed off by your instructor.  All colleges have different processes so please check with your college first.

Finally, book your trip with us, and if you want ask about our college credit 7 day deal that will include hotel and your course.

If you want to bring down a group of your buddies and friends, if you book 8 friends who all do the course, your course is for free…even better…you will also recieve 50% off your stay at the hotel if all of your friends say here.

So could we be any clearer….take a scuba diving course and earn college credits…

email us today and let us know when you are coming…

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