Conclusion: Diving is safer than land activities


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This is funny.  And it is funnier if you actually know the person.  Mike C. as he is referred to at the Abyss Dive Center, a long time customer and friend, is on his annual dive vacation.  If know Mike, he is a quiet guy, he writes, he is great fun, but a quiet guy.  He is not a drinker or a smoker, he likes the small stuff when he dives and some would say, pretty conservative. ( Ihave permission to use his name by the way and to explain for our diving friends who he is).

Now Mike is here with his partner who is celebrating a milestone birthday…I say it is her 20th, she blushes and says, I wish.  We will leave it at that, a milestone birthday.

Soooo…Mike C and said partner decide to celebrate and have a martini before dinner at the famous, Dirty Martini Lounge, located beside the dive center and at the hotel.  I say hello, they say hello, state their intention of a chocolate martini, it is almost like taking roll call on a dive, and then 7 minutes later hear CRASH!!!!!

I look up, hear an explative, a Greco grunt, and then a “Nicola we need some help’.  There is Mike C with serviettes on his foot smiling saying, I have cut myself….cut myself yes sir you have as the bunch of serviettes have are now red and not white and Mike, with a sheepish grin, says, can you help me.

Thank goodness I am CPR certified, a dive instructor, a hotel owner and compassionate.  Mike was moved, his partner overlooked and the fixing of this mishap, and a mishap it was if not a fluke, started to get repaired.  The mishap was a falling, bouncing then broken and I would say finally a jumping martini glass that some how, some way make it to Mike C’s foot, on the top side.

First, pressure, second put bleeding part above heart…that was funny….Mike was in the reception quickly trying to do a new found yoga move that could not be explained…okay not above heart, more pressure, put on gloves (I swear Nicola,  I have not diseases….there is no other answer in front of your girlfriend, gloves doubled up), and then serviettes are switch to old hotel towel…discussion about doctor or hospital, insurance on hand or in hotel room and it was decided to do the hospital route so that if xrays were needed, it could be done.

After some wrapping, laughing and giggling this is how Mike C left for the hosptial:

Notice the TCB logo that is taped to this great wrapping job.  PR is always welcomed, great PR is a must.  He hobbled to the taxi and off they went.  Oops after a shot of tequila to kill ‘the pain’.

Move ahead two days. The birthday dinner was moved forward a few days and as it is always recommended after an accident, it is best to get back on the horse and relieve your fear.  So back on the chocolate martini horse they went…To commemorate Mike C’s great courage and personal commitment to overcome his fear of the ‘jumping’ chocolate martini, we decided to dress up his it looked like this:

The moral(s)  of the story are these:

1. I have used my CPR training only on land never while in the water diving

2.  My sense of humor is alive and well

3.  Beware of jumping chocolate martini’s (how does greco do that??)

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