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Finally last night we were all able to sit down, have a few beers and discuss reef conditions. With Thanksgiving approaching it has been busy and we have been in the water, not ont he computer. So our apologizes for being late on the report, but business first, reports second and sleep third.

Dave went diving yesterday with Bill, Cindy, Roger and Dave. (another Dave, customer Dave, no he is not confused thinking he is diving with himself) First dive was to Islote. The conditions of the reef are excellent! Dave knows that reef like the back of his hand and his report is report.

He said two very interesting things. Yes, some coral is gone BUT what this has done is left some creatures lookig for a new home so the sealife is great. Five Octopi!!!! Tons of Moral eels, lots of fish and it is easier to find everyone as they are a little displaced. This is encouraging and makes for a great dive.

Now the most interesting part of all of this, which we need to do some research on, is that Dave saw the sponges spawning…..if you dont know about the spawning of the sponges, this amazing reproduction is done once per year. In last August, you can see the spawning of the sponges on the reefs for a few hours. If you can catch this phenomina, it looks like the sponges are releasing snow. Dave´s rendition of this, this is not scientifically proven nor have we dont eh reserach yet, is that the sponges know that there has been damage and are reproducing themselves after their population has been threatened. This is very cool and neds some time on the computer to research.

Our findings have been extraordinary. before each dive we hold out breathe (not for too long but we do it wondering what we are going to find) and we are finding that the ocean is taking care of itself. When we think that we are going to faced with a bad site, or damage, the ocean is giving us yet again some great gifts. The removal of some coral has opened us up to new sitings of sealife, our friends are coming out of their holes to play and we are having some great diving….we have always said that there is never a bad dive and now we can honestly say that even after a hurricane, there is still no bad diving, it is just different.

SO the report is good news! Oscar, Bebe, Roman, and others are having the times of their lifes discovering new things, feeling like they are diving in some different areas that they have not seen before. The turtles are still around and over 30 were spotted ont he reef just yesterday. For the regular visitor, the reef has not changed. For the guys, they are thrilled to see the ocean and its inhabitants functioning differently and giving surprises, nice surprises each and every day.

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