Dave’s 40th Birthday this week!!!


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I have to admit, birthday songs have been on the hotel facebook page all week.  But this particualr beatles version of Happy Birthday cracked me up, as I imagined replacing the heads of Dave, Diego, Mitch and Dave’s oldest son, Ryder,  on the cartoon bodies in this video,  instead of the heads of the Beatles.  I unfortunately am not that clever but it made a great visual in my head!    The ‘amigos’, have been a very large part of Senor Dave’s life and I think it would have been perfect to have had a video with all their heads on the cartoon bodies.

That said, it is Dave’s 40th birthday February 18, 2010.  The part,y I suspect, will start thursday at noon and will last until Sunday night.  The Riviera Maya Dive Alliance BBQ is on Saturday so we will be combining a celebration on that day and the family will be celebrating with a party on Sunday….so let the games begin!  Thank goodness his birthday is not on a Monday or we may have had to celebrate for an entire week!

For anyone who wants to send him birthday wishes, please do so on facebook or here in the comments section.  Many of you have been with Dave as a diver and friend when he opened the shop at the grand age of 25 years old.  Celebrating his 40th is pretty exciting and  I am sure that everyone has a message for him, or words of wisdom or something I am sure.  Most of us have already hit 40 so this ‘pup’ I am sure would be happy to hear what us older folks have to say.

I am happy to read them at the BBQ on Saturday night as we will have a great birthday party for him!

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