Dean, Dean, Dean


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Well folks, we think it is true….Hurricane Dean is heading this way for Monday night and we are waiting. Well preparing is more like it as none of us can just sit and wait.

On the website of the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Dean is moving westward towards us, and should be here for a fast and furious visit Monday Night at about 2 a.m.. Nothing we are not used to at this point and it looks like it should be the same as Emily, which hit July 15, 2006. So up go the sheets of plywood, everything gets packed away and then we just wait for Dean to sweep by and leave us with, who knows what.

Now we do have to say that this does not look like another Wilma. Wilma was slow and big, Dean is fast….so the damage should be minimal. Our hopes of course is that it decides to take a turn north and go elsewhere, there is nothing here anyway, go somewhere where you have not been before. We hear that Cuba is nice this time of year so maybe Cuba would be a better idea…

So the blog will be updated daily until we can not get on the internet. That should be monday night at about 9 30 pm….

Funny enough it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, there is no wind, Todd is in the pool with some Discover Scubas, Feda went out to see the whale sharks yesterday and the rest of us are hanging out putting things away and just waiting to see if Dean really wants to come or decides to go elsewhere.

So keep checking. And after the fact, if there is an after the fact, we will let you know how things are….

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