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Just some facts about things you might have missed over the last few years…or days…

Did You Know:

1. That we have had seahorses join us in the ocean on the mainland. Previously they were in Cozumel, now we have then in Playa…just more stuff to see…in amazement….of the eco system we call the ocean

2. That all divers get a 15% discount on hotel rooms at our Hotel Tropical CasaBlanca including the villa rental.

3. The best diving months are from May to November…with super calm seas, almost like a lake most days, lots of sealife and less divers in the ocean

4. That you can only dive decorated caverns like ours here in Quintana Roo…there are no others like it in the world..and you only have to be open water certified to dive them

5. That the Abyss Dive Center has been around for over 13 years…yikessss either that makes Dave really old or he was super young when he started (lets opt for the latter)

6. That the hotel has a real cenote on the property with fish, turtles and a very dedicated staff who like to clean the turtles…..they are concerned that they dont look their best for our visitors…(this is really true….they clean the turtles, man we are the luckiest people in the world)

7. That Playa Del Carmen is on the the top three vacation destinations in the Americas

8. That the 10th anniversary of the Wine Dive and Treasure Hunt is in 2009, the third Saturday in February…February 21st to be exact so hold the date and book your room….it will be a big one! www.tropicalcasablanca.com

9. That Oscar is back working in the shop!!!!! Yippee Oscar….glad to have you back

10. That we have only three weeks left until the Whalesharks dissappear and travel back to Honduras….

11. That the Dirty Martinin Lounge is not open 7 days a week to serve our divers and guests

12. That Senor Dave is in Canada marketing the Abyss to divers all over the country…if you live near Sydney BC, go and see him September 21-23 at the sydney dive show.

13. That the BBQ’s are back in full swing on Saturday Nights at the hotel starting at 7 pm…all you can eat for 100 pesos…what a deal!

14. That water temperatures currently are 30 C for those looking for some warm water diving…cenotes are at 26C nice and refreshing for those looking for something a little cooler…

Have a comment…or a fact we forgot…let us know on the comments section….our brains get a little frazzelled when we are in the water all day…..

Have fun…and take a deep breathe, it will remind you of diving…..

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