Discount Dave 20% off your stay before December 20th


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Well, wonders never cease…Dave is offering a discount on your hotel stay if you book room between December 1, 2006 and December 20, 2006. Now let me qualify that this is not for future bookings, this is the inaugral come and celebrate with us discount for this time period only…discounts apply for rooms between December 1 to December 20. He is in a great mood, he wants to show everyone the new gig and to top it off the diving is fab right now…

To make wonders cease even more, Nicola agreed to this promotion and is hoping that all long lost friends will come and join us for some diving, playing, hanging out by the poolside and friendly chit chat…maybe just maybe we can get the BBQs going during this time and then we really have it all….

To book your immedite getaway email us at and let us know when you are arriving. What a great excuse to get out of the snow that has hit North America or take an unexpected holiday from Europe to Mexico…because of the discount…Go in tell your boss that this is a one time opportunity that has never happened before….Dive Dave has turned into Discount Dave…could it be his happiness with the venture, has his little one Ryder made him a softee, or is he just wanting to show off the new dive center…really we think it is a combination of all three….

Rooms are regularily 70 usd plus tax for a single bed, 80 usd for a room with two beds or a king size…count the savings and see how many more dives you can get for this hotel bargain…

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