Divemaster 101 Why you should think of this certification as a personal and professional option


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We have had a number of dive master training courses through the dive center in the last few months and there seems to be a trend in this activity.  Most of the students are people who have decided to take a turn in their life as the economic downturn throughout the globe as provided these students with an opportunity, not a closed a door.

The reality is, jobs are being lost, people are looking for alternatives and many feel that this upheaval in the world is giving them a push to follow a dream.  Life on land is a bit cruel at the moment, so many are taking for the ocean, where there is balance, peace and a whole new world to explore and understand.

What does it take to explore the dive master course.  6 to 8 weeks of your time in Mexico with us, a desire to learn, a passion for diving and the will to live a different sort of life that can teach you other lessons than just physiology of diving, physics of diving and what is provided in the dive master manuals.  Students find that they learn many other skills that can be used above and under the water, and carried through in their careers no matter where they are in world and what career they choose.

The basics of the divemaster course are these:

1 dive master book

1 diving encyclopedia with a workbook to teach you the many facets of diving.

8 exams that correspond with your readings

as many personal classroom session with your instructor that you need to really understand the concepts of what you are learning.

Diving in the ocean

Skill development in the pool

Marine life and ocean classes that teach you about fish, coral, and marine biology.

What they dont tell you you’ll learn is the following:

1.  Team work

2.  Teaching techniques so that you can transfer your skills to others

3.  Problem solving

4.  Customer service and care

5.  sales and retail skills

6. patience and understanding

For anyone, and I mean anyone, student to seasoned professional, the divemaster course gives you some hidden gifts that are not written in the manual.  No matter what your background, you will refine some skills, develop new skills and get to live in a foreign country that teaches you cultural norms, labour standards, alternative ideas and survival.  for some they also walk away with a new language.

So why look at your recent life change as a door closer.  Look at it as an opportunity that takes you to a place, a space and drives a course that you never thought would be possible.

Email us for the course outline and prices info@abyssdivecenter.com

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