Diving Safety


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After watching the video of a mom who thought that diving was a crazy sport that her husband was coercing her into doing, it made us think about our diving safety.

Diving looks intimidating and for a non diver who does not get what all that ‘stuff’ is for, it is looking down right dangerous.  But learning to scuba dive is about learning what all that stuff is.  regulators are there so you can breathe, BCD’s there for you to be able to descend and ascend, a mask is there for you to see clearly, fins to let you move either slowly or quickly, weight belts to get you under the surface and the list goes on.

Diving is about safety and every bit of your course, whether it is your discover scuba, your scuba diver level, your open water and all the way up to dive insructor, is about teaching you safety. At each stage of your learning, your safety learnings shift, from yourself to you and your buddy, to you and other divers and finally to you and beginners.  There is not a moment in your scuba diving experience that does not focus on safety.

So why do people think that diving is not safe?  Because they don’t know that diving and safety are one in the same.  Like driving and safety are one in the same.  Like roller blading or biking is about safety.  It only becomes unsafe when you choose not to use the rules of safety that you have been taught.  In scuba diving these rules would be:

1.  dive within your limits, dont do diving that you are not qualified to do

2. do not touch anything underwater

3.  dive with a buddy

4.  check your equipment always to make sure it is working and fully functioning

5.  know what to do when you do have an emergency

As we have learned underwater and applied the same principle on land, if there is an error or if you find yourself in a situation that seem unsafe, remember, STOP, THINK and then ACT.  If you REACT, you will find you will error in your judgement, if you stop, think and then act, you will find that you will recall what you have learned, what the best option is in the situation you find yourself in and you will be able to safely find a solution that will get you out of the sticky mess you may have found yourself in.

Diving is only unsafe if you dont follow the rules.  If you break basic diving rules, you will find yourself in difficulties and will not enjoy the sport.  if you follow the rules and use this sport as an opportunity to see 73% of the planet that many will never see, then you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.  Whether you are diving in the Riviera Maya, on the Mesoamerican Reef, on the Great Barrier reef or in the caverns the basic safety rules apply.  So remember our rules and have fun!

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