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So from the looks of the hundreds of emails we are getting, everyone wants to know how the diving is. Could we ever have a bad dive here….I don´t think so but for those who are needing to know we have an update for you. WE ARE BACK DIVING AND LOVING IT…but what else is new..

So the reports are good for Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Tulum did not get the direct hit as previously thought. With a sigh of relief, the palapà is still standing.

There is sand. Emily seemed to like to bring in the sand, increase the size of the beaches and sprinkle some sand on the reefs. There are some barrel sponges down but the reports are good. The turtles and tarpons are here and they did not seem to realize that there was a huricane. Hmmm…Emily does now seem like a thing of the past.

Reports from Cozumel are not as positive. Some of the southern reefs were damaged. Some of the National Park is closed but it is encouraging to hear that these will open soon. It seems to be they are closed for observation, not for extensive damage, but we need to let you know that some parts are closed for diving and some for snorkelling.

Tulum, is fine…Grand Cenote has some extra tree branches in the entrance but this is adding to the beauty not hindering this exquisite site. Casa Cenote has been unclear due to some heavy rains but it looks like we are back in business for day and night diving there. Dos Ojos took a while but the road is clear and the cenote is fine.

We are thrilled that our playground was unharmed. Emily came in from the north so we experienced less beach damage and underwater damage than other years. This is why Cozumel got hit so hard. The north wind wreaks havoc on the island where a south wind makes us choppy. We really were lucky this time with Emily coming from the North and happy to take anyone diving or assist with courses. Senor Dave and Nicola are back in the water and are joined by Daniella, Roman and Kevin. Andy is still doing kick ass cenote snorkel trips in Tulum and seems to be finding more and more fun places to go…

So it is thumbs up for diving in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Just check with the hotels as some resorts are closed for redevelopment. But we have toms of great recommendations for you, so ask away. Your favorite diving location is open for business and ready for your requests.

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