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Well, we have had some time to actually sit and see what is going on in the world of diving, oceans and conservation. Who would have thought. We spend our days making sure our customers are happy, taken care of, and accomplishing the courses and dive adventures they have put on thier vacation list. We do get lost in the day to day, but today, there was a moment where were able to actually sit and surf….yes that means sitting in the dive center, computer in hand and reading about other parts of the world.

To our surprise, we have discovered that ELKHORN AND STAGHORN CORAL have been added to the endangered species list by the National Marine Fisheries Department in the United States. We stopped….we see this species of coral every day in Tulum, in abundance, and had no idea……

Now, lets put this into perspective for you. When we do our dives after a hurricane this is the first coral that we check….in Tulum. We have a ton of elkhorn coral and it is beautiful…from what we remember, this was one of the reasons why we thought it was a good idea to open the Tulum dive center. There is so much, it is so alive and untouched and extremely impressive. We were thrilled to be able to show this to our divers on our dive trips…

Well, now we have an even better reason to continue our observations and the North 22 Mapping project. The elkhorn coral has been one of the most used natural navigation markers for us under the seas in Tulum. Due to its size and recognizability, our maps indicate its location, in abundance. Little did we know that this information can be more valuable on a global scale. Dont get us wrong, our North 22 Project is a very important project to us. This brainchild of Senor David, which we all immediately embraced, has been in our little world now for over a year. We have been enjoying it immensely, really enjoyed the enthusiasm of our clients and have felt really good about doing something a little bit different.

The recent announcement of the addition of the elkhorn and staghorn coral to the endangered species list makes us think that this idea is better than great, it is brilliant. Not only can we effect the immediate area and track critical information about our oceans, but we can add to the global tracking and conservation of our oceans….

Check out the web site for a quick overview of the project and email us at info@abyssdiveshop.com for more information. Join the team of participants and help us understand this area by sea. Just when we thought we knew it all….what a surprise…..there is always more and more to learn…..and who would have thought in Tulum…

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