Fire at the Blue Parrot Hotel January 21


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Well, the gods are with us…..the gods are soooooo with us we cant beleive it….

Last night at about 12 30 am, there was a huge fire at the Blue Parrot Bar where the original dive center location is. You all know it….on the beach beside the bar, huge palapa roofs made of grass covering the bar, the lounge and the dance floor…well it went…. poof… last night and we were saved….if we had been there we would have lost everything, equipment, tanks, cars, everything…the old dive center location is black and the structures to the south at the adjoining Costa Del Mar and El Pirata were burned down as well…..Dave is wiping his brow this morning…in fact we all are….

Now besides our great luck, we feel very badly for the Blue Parrot and especially our friends at the Costa Del Mar. We have not spoken to any of the owners as we think we should wait for this….we have heard that NO ONE WAS HURT which is even better….the gods were with all of us….it is truly unfortunate that this happened and our hearts go out to all….we are just so glad that we were not around.

Our boats are unscathed as well, thank goodness for the south wind and lots and lots of water they were sitting in….cars are fine as they were up at Daves house and all the staff is fine, no one was partying at the Blue Parrot last night.

In lieu of this, I think we can safely say that our final move back to the Blue Parrot will be delayed, again….we are not in a rush any longer and we think you will find the new location on 1st Avenue a great alternative….diving and boat launching is still easy…we still take great care of you and all of the guys are around to make sure you have a great dive vacation…again nothing has changed…we have just changed our look…, Dave has not had a hair cut…it is not that kind of change…god it could never be that drastic….Dave never makes radical changes as we all know…they are always changes that are best for you, our clients…

So come visit, we will pray for our friends who have lost and hope that their recovery is quicker than ours…..

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