Fish Fridays-and this is true-Slippery Dick


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I think our search-ability on Google is going to skyrocket with this fish identification post. And no, this is not an SEO exercise…the fish is really called the slippery dick and no one seems to know who actually named it that, so we cannot point fingers.

Common Name: Slippery Dick

Latin NameHalichoeres Bivittatus

Location: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean. Also Gulf of Mexico, North Carolina, Bermuda and south to Brazil.

Distinct Features and Information: The slippery dick has three color phases. Adults have two dark lateral stripes, one running from snout through eye to caudal base and the other, less pronounced, on the lower side of body. A small bicolored spot at edge of gill cover within upper dark stripe (all phases).Dark triangular corners on tail. Irregular light red bands on head and on caudal fin. Shades of green. Intermediates: Color vary greatly, from shades of light purple green to dark brown. Juveniles are usually white and have two dark stripes, but the lower (abdominal) stripe may be faint. The slippery dick is generally found in shallow reefs, and grass beds. The Slippery Dick reaches about 30 centimeters (12 in).

Special Status or Protections: None

slippery dick juvenile

slippery dick intermediate

slippery dick adult

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