Fish Fridays from the Riviera Maya-Four Eyed Butterfly Fish


Common Name: Foureye Butterfly fish

Latin NameChaetodon Capistratus

Location: Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas also Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda and Brazil

Distinct Features and Information: Four-eyed Butterfly fish are deep-bodied and laterally compressed, with a single dorsal fin and a small mouth with tiny, bristle like teeth. The body is light grey, sometimes with a yellowish hue, and dark forward-pointing chevrons. The ventral fins are yellow. The species gets its common name from a large dark spot on the rear portion of each side of the body. This spot is surrounded by a brilliant white ring, resembling an eye. A black vertical bar on the head runs through the true eye, making it hard to see. The Four-eyed Butterfly fish’s first instinct when threatened is to flee, putting the false eye spot closer to the predator than the head. They are able to find their way through the most intricate passages by swimming on its side or even upside down. Like its relatives they mate for life and therefore they will often be seen in pairs. Size: 3-4 in. Max 6 in. (9 cm).

Four Eyed Butterfly Fish Intermediate

Four Eyed Butterfly Fish Juvenile

Four Eyed Butterfly Fish Adult

Special Status or Protections: None

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