Fish Fridays-Glassy Sweepers


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Common Name: Glassy Sweeper

Latin Name: Pempheris Schomburgki

Location: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, also Bermuda and south to Brazil

Distinct Features and Information: Deeply keeled, compressed bodies and large eyes typify sweepers, their form somewhat like hatchet fish; both cycloid and ctenoid scales may be present. The small, short dorsal fin begins before the body’s midpoint and may have 4-7 spines; the anal fin is extensive and usually has 3 spines. The mouth is sub terminal and strongly oblique. Characteristically shallow water, schooling fish (especially as juveniles), sweepers are nocturnal and seek shelter under ledges or in the caves, nooks and crannies of reefs or eroded, rocky shorelines during the day. They are often found sharing these hiding places with cardinal fishes and big eyes, fellow night owls. At night, sweepers forage for zooplankton, their primary food items. Size: 3-5 in. max 6 in.

Special Status or Protections: None

Glassy Sweeper Intermediate

Glassy Sweeper Adult

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