Fish Fridays in Playa del Carmen-Greater Soapfish


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Common Name: Greater Soapfish

Latin NameRypticus Saponaceus

Location: Bahamas, Caribbean and also Bermuda and south to Brazil.

Distinct Features and Information: A solitary species inhabiting shallow water on bottoms with eroded limestone or mixed sand and rocks, as well as around reefs. Often found lying motionless against rocks. In appearance, they are characterized by a reduced spinous dorsal fin and a slightly protruding lower jaw. The name soapfish refers to their ability, when agitated, to produce toxic body mucus that forms a slimy, soapsuds like froth upon its secretion into the water. The toxic mucus serves as a deterrent to predators. All soapfishes are small, the largest attaining lengths of about 30 centimeters (1 foot).

Special Status or Protections: None

Greater Soapfish Juvenile

Greater Soapfish Intermediate

Greater Soapfish Adult

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