Fish Fridays In Playa Del Carmen Rock Hind Grouper


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Common Name: Rock Hind


Latin NameEpinephelus Adscensionis


Location: Florida, Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean


Distinct Features and Information: The Rock Hind is found in the same range as the Red Hind. Divers can often distinguish the two species by there behavior alone, as the Rock Hind is reclusive and shies away from humans. The rock hind has an overall tan to olive brown cast. With many large, reddish dark dots covering the entire body and fins. The Rock Hind can pale or darken dramatically. Inhabits rocky reefs and are usually solitary. Rock Hinds are hermaphroditic, beginning their life as a male and later transforming to a female. Spawning aggregations occur offshore along rocky reefs but early juveniles are found in near shore waters. This species matures by their third year and reaches a maximum age of twelve years. Feeds mainly on crabs (67%) and fishes (20%). Max length: 61.0 cm. (2ft).

Special Status or Protections: Established a January-April shallow-water grouper (Gag, Black, Red, Scamp, Rock Hind, Red Hind, Coney, Graysby, Yellow fin, Yellow mouth, and Tiger Grouper) closed season for all recreational and commercial harvesters

Rock Hind Grouper Juvenile

Rock Hind Grouper Intermediate

Rock Hind Grouper Adult

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