Fish Fridays in the Riviera Maya-Creole Wrasse


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Common Name: Creole Wrasse

Latin NameClepticus Parrae

Location: Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas also Gulf o Mexico

Distinct Features and Information: Distinctive features short head, reddish-orange color, forked tail. A salmon-red color, deeply forked tail, and four or five light spots on the back distinguishes adults. Juveniles are pinkish-yellow, with bright blue dorsal spots. Inhabits seaward reef slopes; occasionally on shallow patch reefs feeding on plankton and small jellyfishes. This reef roamer is not often identified as a wrasse at all, as it cruises above the reefs of the tropical western Atlantic. The Creole Wrasse almost always dies in route from being shipped from the wild.

Size: can reach up to 30 cm (1 ft).

Special Status or Protections: None

Creole Wrasse Juvenile

Creole Wrasse Intermediate

Creole Wrasse Adult

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