Fish Fridays…Spade Fish a personal favorite


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Common Name: Spadefish

Latin NameChaetodipterus Faber

Location: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, north to Massachusetts and south to Brazil.

Distinct Features and Information:  The spadefish is silvery gray in color with vertical black bars. It is known and named for its characteristic spade-shaped body, which is compressed with a short snout and have 2 dorsal fins and 2 anal fins with high anterior lobes. There are also 9 dorsal spines, 21-24 dorsal soft rays, and 17-18 anal soft rays. In an attempt to camouflage themselves, darkly colored juvenile spadefish will often drift, leaf-like, in estuarine and coastal marine waters. Atlantic spadefish are frequently curious toward divers and their bubbles. Habitat: Open water in shallow areas, where it forms impressive schools sometimes numbering in the hundreds. The Atlantic spadefish, feeds primarily on benthicinvertebrates and plankton. Size: 1-1.5 ft (30.5-45.7 cm); 3 ft (91 cm) max.

Special Status or Protections: None

Spade Fish Juvenile

Spade Fish Intermediate

Spade Fish Adult

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