Fish Spot: Hogfish


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Common Name: Hogfish

Scientific NameLachnolaimus Maximus


Where to spot them here:  Usually found on day and night dives at Moc che, Jardines and the other shallow sites. Spot them changing color to quickly camouflage when they swim from reef to sandy bottom.

How to identify them: The hogfish gets its unusual name from its long, pig-like snout and protrusible mouth which it uses to root around the sea bottom for food. They have 3 long spines at the front of their dorsal fin which will be raised if alarmed. To camouflage itself their color changes between mottled brown to pearl white depending where it swims.

What you may not know about them: Hogfish have a fascinating life history; they are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that individuals first function sexually as females and then later transform into males. This change generally occurs at around three years of age and a length of about 35 centimeters.

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