Fish Spot: Yellowtail Damselfish


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Common Name: Yellowtail Damselfish


Scientific NameMicrospathodon Chrysurus

Where to Spot them here: These are much more common to the shallower sites where they breed but they have been seen deeper on Moc Che Deep and The Green Wall. Juveniles can be seen on Chunzumbul darting in and out of the  Lettuce Coral.

How to identify them: 10 to 15 cm in length. Easy to spot with that bright yellow tail and electric blue spots along their back. The juvenile is the “disco fish” with bright blue spots all over a dark blue body.

What you may not know about them: They, like all damselfish are a very territorial species and sometimes aggressively protect their homes in holes and coral colonies. They feed primarily on algae but also on polyps of fire coral.

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