Group net rates

Group net rates

Your groups will be well taken care of at the Abyss Dive Center

Welcome to our net rates page for dive groups. This page is full of information that will enable you to book  your dive group for a dive vacation in the Riviera Maya. Our diving is done on the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world and includes Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, cenotes, whale shark snorkel tours, bull shark dives and more!

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Group net rates at the Abyss Dive Center


Activity(based on groups of 9 or more) Net rate
 Two tank ocean dive  $56 USD
 Refresher  $72 USD
 Cozumel two tank dive $96 USD
 Try Scuba/Discovery  $72 USD
 Two tank cenote dive  $96 USD
 Two tank cenote dive advanced  $120 USD
 Open water course SSI and PADI  $316 USD
Referral course SSI and PADI $236 USD
 Advanced course SSI and PADI  $236 USD
 Bull Shark Dive (seasonal One tank)  $56 USD
 Whale Shark snorkeling  $195 USD
 Nitrox course  $80 USD
 Specialty courses  Please inquire
 Reef snorkeling  $20 usd


Group Booking Details

In order for your booking to go smoothly, we request that you read the following information and comply with our reservation process. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at if we have not answered any questions that you may have.

Dive Vacations

1. Our group vacations are for diving and snorkeling excursions only. We let the group leaders book accommodations and flights so that you can work with the partners of your choice. Airport transfers are also not included in the dive vacations.

2. Reservations will be secure once you contact the dive center at, confirm your desired dates and send a 50% deposit to our sales team. The deposit will consist of 50% of the total diving that you would like your group to do while on vacation and is based on our net rates. A reservation is not confirmed until both of these actions have been completed and the deposit is confirmed.

3. The remaining funds for the dive vacation are due 30 days prior to arrival of your group. If this is not completed we can not ensure that all requested dive excursions can be available.

4. Please confirm your hotel/resort location before you send your first deposit. Ocean diving pickups are not included in the price of the dives. Cenote diving pick ups are included in the price of the dive if the hotel/resort is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Any hotels or resorts located to the north of Playa del Carmen will have an extra cost for cenote dive pick ups. Amount will be determined by the location.

Guides and Group sizes

1. A group is defined as 9 divers or more with your guide included in that number. Our tours take a maximum of 5 divers with one local guide per5 divers . Cenote tours take a maximum of 4 divers with one local certified cave guide per 4 divers. Every tour will have a local guide on the boat. If you wish to have your own guide included in your dive vacation, they will need to pay our net rates.

2. Dive classes will also have a local instructor that will work with or without one of your instructors. Please price your packages accordingly as we do not provide discounts for instructors or guides. They are subject to our net rates of a two tank dive. If you are bringing dive students, the instructor is only charged the net rate for a two tank dive.

3. Local conditions, reef climates and our customer service dictates that we included a local guide or instructor on each dive. We do not book dive tours without a local instructor on board. All guides and instructors speak English and other languages (French, Spanish, Italian, for example) If you have a specific language request please let us know. We are happy  to accommodate your language needs.

Cancellations and changes

1. Cancellations made up to 30 days once the first deposit is made will be fully refunded.

2. Cancellations made after this 30 day window will not be refunded. The 50% deposit will be retained at the dive center.

3. Cancellations made 14 days before the dive vacation is to begin and the dive vacation has been paid in full will receive 50% back

4. Cancellations made 13 days or less before the dive vacation will not receive a refund.

5. If poor weather conditions cancel flights for the duration of the the dive vacation funds will be used for a new dive vacation date. IF poor weather delays flights schedules will be accommodated for the late arrival.

6. Changes in dive schedules made by clients or missed dives made by clients during the dive vacation will not be refunded.