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It is that time of year to start thinking about the next ‘fiesta’ at the dive center. (Isn’t everyday a fiesta…) Halloween is around the corner and we know that coming a few hours either across North America or Europe can take some time to arrange, so no excuses….we are giving you ample time to come and join us for the ANNUAL UNDERWATER PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST AND COSTUME DIVE.

Before details are provided for our displaced North American festivities, just a heads up…there was a customer last week who flew from Germany for a quick escape, five days to be exact, as the ticket only cost 200 Euros! So, check out your charter flights, regular airlines or whoever can get you here and see what deals they have going…

Halloween….hmmm….this will be our third year and hope to make it one of the best. We are not sure if we can top the other years but we sure will try. So think costumes that will work underwater, think great pumpkin craving ideas, think beach BBQ and finallythink, a huge costume party at the Rana Cansada until the wee hours of the morning. This is our Halloween in the south and it is great fun. Cool thing is the Day of the Dead is the official Mexican Halloween the next day and I think most of us have felt like the dead after the great party all day and night.

So details, details. Well, first we have divers doing their morning dive in costumes. Halloween masks can be worn, tanks can be dressed up, wetsuits can be accessorized or maybe some water proof makeup…make it fun and make it diver friendly. Have a look on the website for some of our previuos years pictures to get some ideas.

After lunch we gather and create teams of two. Pumpkins are handed out and each team is given 20 minutes to create their design. Once everyone is ready, (or when Dave tells you to) all divers get into the water and have 45 minutes to carve the pumkins. Costumes are recommended for this part as well. We have had some divers who brought three costumes, one for the morning, one for the afternoon and yet another for the evening…But not everyone has to be that prepared, we would be happy just to have you participate.

Finally, after some cocktails and beer, we shower (no, not together the team thing is over) and meet back for the famous ABYSS BEACH BBQ! That is right…for those who know it, this is something not to miss. For those who dont know it….well come and witness it for yourself. We have had many months, in fact years, of Beach BBQs and this one is no different from the others.

The fun does not stop here…no way…there is more…after the Beach BBQ we all head up to the Rana Cansada at 5th and 10th to join in (or should we say crash) their Halloween party. Then it all gets a little blurry….I think most of us have little recognition after this…lots of memories but little to recall….the pumpkins go with and are entered into the pumpkin carving contest at the Rana. This means more prizes and more fun.

So what else can we say…another Abyss Dive Party, another opportunity to escape to Mexico, another opportunity to see your friends in Playa, another excuse to get away….we said we would always look after you above and below the water and this is where we begin…

Let us know via email if you are going to join us! info@abyssdiveshop.com

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