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This is a blog about reassurance…..A Tropical Storm named ‘Dolly’ is heading this way as of 10:32 pm our time…the newspapers have all got a hold of it and we, at the Abyss Dive Center are going to give you the digs…right now…and then update in a few hours…

As of right now, we are sitting in our houses, and there is no wind, currently no rain and no activity on the streets. In case you have read the news, which is why we are posting, the Govenor of Quintana Roo, which includes the cities of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Chetumal, has ordered a ‘ley seca’, a dry law so that means THERE IS NO BEER BEING SOLD….all bars are closed, so what are we supposed to do now! The whole fun of a Tropical Storm is waiting with friends for this to blow over…none of that is happening here!!!

Okay backto the weather report…there was some rain today, this morning at 9 20 am there was a huge storm that lasted for about 12 minutes….the ocean is rough, moveable objects have been put to rest, meaning the umbrellas in the hotel went into storage, and we put our waterprrof speakers undercover so they wont get too wet…this is the only preparation that we have had to do…other than maybe stocking up on beer which, was not done….as no one knew it was going to happen, the dry law that is…

Back to weather, sorry we keep getting sidetracked about beer….seriously folks there is no wind, not an ounce….so we will wait this one out….and see where Dolly ends up…so no panicking, no worries, don’t let the international papers, which we have scanned and see the inconsistancies of the reports….I think we have had as much rain as Toronto received today, in fact they may have recieved more…the ocean is fine, wavey but fine and we are all going to bed…there is nothing else to do as…there is no beer…..

So don’t let the reports scare you, dont let the newspaper make you think we are currently drowning in tons of water, and overflowing with rain, the only inconvenience is we can not seem to get the laundry dry….as the rain is just enough that any clothes on the clothsline are not getting dry….

We are fine as of 10. 43 pm and if the rain wakes us up we will post and let you know….love the media….they are reporting armies, gas lines, food lines etc….I think I have a half a bun, some cucumber, a half tomato and some mayo in the fridge, with, yes, one beer…..on cold can of Sol…dont tell Dave, it is all mine…..

www.nhc.com link for the national hurricane center if you want to have a peek….

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