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Well the first Holbox trip was on Monday and what a great trip…Jessica, Kelly, Jeff and Richard joined Nicola on the first one day tour to Holbox to see the Whalesharks….I know, the first question on everyone´s mind. How many were seen….over 15 whalesharks were seen, and each person got to snorkel with these great creatures many times.

So the trip details. It was simple. We were all in the truck by 4:30 am, dont worry we did not go in Betsy. Off to Chiquila we went in the new Nissan with food, drinks and hope. It was great to see the sunrise over the jungle as we took the road north to the pier.

Once at Chiquila, the captians and whaleshark guide swept the customers away on the boat and left Nicola to wait patiently for their return. Her time was spent on Isla Holbox investigating new restaurants, hotels and booking future trips to the island. Other trips are booked so missing this tour was not a big deal, or at least did not seem to be at the time. After hearing the excitement on the way home, Nicola was wishing that she was on board…next time…

Now all these customers had made the trip Mexico especially for the Whalesharks. Wow, what a great report when they finally put their feet back on land. Spectacular, beautiful, amazing, a trip of a life time…was just a few of the adjectives that came out of their mouths. The drive back to Playa Del Carmen was full of memories, trip details, and tired excitement, in between small naps and head nods….it was a long day but well worth it. Sun kissed and happy, all members of this trip left happy campers, or should we call them happy snorkelers.

So the next rip is tomorrow, Thursday with a group of 14 snorkelers, lead by Daniella, our insturctor in Tulum. Video Steve is going so maybe, just maybe, we can get some pictures off him for the website.

Till next time….

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