Holiday Wishes for Scuba Divers


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There are holiday wishes and then there  are holiday wishes and we think that this holiday it is best to make some wishes for our friends and scuba divers.

So here are our 10 holiday wishes for Scuba Divers

1.        We wish you great visibility no matter where you dive

2.       We wish you great air consumption so that no dive has to end early due to a low on air situation

3.       We wish you great fish sightings, so that you can observe the underwater world and learn more about what happens in 73% of the planet

4.       We wish you opportunities to learn and become better divers, while having fun

5.       We wish you safe dives, no matter what the conditions

6.       We wish you many adventures above and below the water.  The act of diving is fun but sometimes getting to your dive spot is half of the adventure.

7.       We wish lots of diving diversity in your adventures, seeing interesting things in fresh and salt water and appreciating the diversity of these two diving areas.

8.       We wish you many new relationships with new divers and old.  Part of the joy of diving is the relationships that you build with other divers.

9.       We wish you many dive adventures and wonderful dives

10.   And we wish you many many more years of fun diving as this is why you started this unique and wonderful sport.

All the best to divers all over the world and we hope to see you in the new year.  Your diving will only get better and better the more you dive.  We are proof of that!

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