Hurricane Dean, Just an Inconvenience


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Well, it came and went….within the Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum stretch. I am going ot call it for us, not for others farther south, the poor souls, an inconvenience. There was a lot of work before and after, and thank goodness, not real damage or huge clean up.

No one really knew what to expect, so we all boarded up assuming we would get hit. The town of Playa Del Carmen and Tulum were virtually ghost towns come 4 pm on Monday. Everyone was done their preparations, and headed home. There we all waited….

In Playa Del Carmen, only some of the lights were turned off by the city by 2 am when the winds got a little chilling…..the sound is always the killer. With reports from people in Playa Del Carmen, there was little rain and the sound form the ocean was chilling, but really it was like a strong wind storm…..

In tulum, it was the same, with high winds starting at 2 am and stopping by about 8 30 am. On the highway at 9 am, there was no debris, no closures and this I have to say was a little uneasy, being the only vehicle on the tulum-playa del carmen highway, more uneasy than the hurricane it self…was i being stupid or was i doing the right thing…..well i can say it was the right thing as we got ahead start on our cleaning and was one of hte first businesses up and running.

For our friends in Majahal, and Chetumal we send our prayers and wishes. Been there and it is not fun though there seems to be huge teams of people going down to help out in some way. Their biggest issue is the unusable beach road that gets them in and out….so supplies and help could be a few days….it is bad enough having to dig out a location let alone an entire beach road.

More on that once we get the news. But for us, diving happened today and all is well….until next time…..or the next one….

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