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For those of you sitting at your desk, daydreaming…and we all do it….let us give you some great reasons to come and visit.

First the ocean is flat as a pancake, it is as calm as an interior lake, there are not ripples, no waves. Our days are only sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.

Second, the diving is fab! Beacuse there is not wind, because the ocean has been flat, flat, flat, the visibility is fantastic.

Third, airlines has slashed thier prices, and we mean slashed, we mean slashed! Due to previous hurricanes that hit south, Dean being one and Felix being the other, customer travel to the Mayan Rivieria has dropped over 50% from last year. The silly thing is, we are untouched. Now we dont want to down play the horrible damage that has happened south of us, south of Tulum and into Belize and Honduras, we are sick over it, but we have to let you know that Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and to the north, Isla Mujeres, Cancun and Isla Holbox are really untouched. We are functioning as we always do, diving every day, cleaning, chatting, drinking beer, hanging out, and doing it all over again, day after day….

Fourth, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are not busy so you feel like you have the place to your self. How fabulous is that, the ocean is all yours, 5th Ave is all yours, restaurants always have a seat available and the beaches are not crowded. It truly is a city where you can disconnect from your daily life and reconnect with the ocean.

Finally the hotel is looking great and needs your opinion. On the 29th of Setember we are having our first party, in honor of the hotel’s almost first year and the work we have put into it. Beer and wine, friends and family, it will all be there. Surprise us and come and check things out…www.tropicalcasablanca.com You know we know how to throw a party, so take advantage of all the great things that are happening, with a little beer thrown in.

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