IT IS ONLY GOOD NEWS!!!!! Wilma is gone


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I don´t think we know where to start this tale of Wilma…you all know her and probably know too much about her…she was wicked, huge and did some bad things…but she actually did some nice things as well….read on and the tale of Wilma will unfold…this story will take part in sections, there is too much to tell in one sitting. So tune in each evening for the on-going story of our great dance with this woman and how we ended the evening (36 hours later, the longest and worst date we have ever had and I dont think the relationship will re-occur nor will be we be heart broken with its ending)

Before we spill the real beans, not the media beans, it has to be said that the emails, the flurry of emails, was overwhelming when we finally got internet access today. Thank you for your support, the international support which was a great reward of Wilma. We never knew we were so popular…as humble as we are…really, we are all just divers who love to dive….but the emails were really what we needed today….we had cheeleaders world wide who were hoping we would be okay. And you know what WE ARE OKAY!

So your plan worked….life and property in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are all fine. Wilma did not fair well in Cancun, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. We are hoping that their recovery will have them in as good a shape as we are. Our hearts go out to our friends who are living or working in these parts. We are stil waiting for news so as we get it so will you!

So first Tulum, this is the good story! Tulum received rain and wind like Playa did. The beach also got a lot of sand….tons of sand….the boutique hotels on the beach all suffered some damage, but the eco-friendly mission of the area means that no one lost their shirts. Cabanas are easy to rebuilt and everyone is doing that right now. Each hotel lost at least one cabana, but when you have ten cabanas, one can disappear. People are working hard to regain thier momentum and will be ready for business soon. Now the city of Tulum where our dive centers are located did very well. Daniella and Nicola cleaned a little, swept a little and opened the doors. The ocean was fabulous today and we are ready to dive!!! Tulum has full service and parts of the pueblo had electricity in 12 hours after Wilma left. The hurricane cookies turned out great, with peanut butter and ginger snaps being served for all who visit.

Playa on the other hand was hit pretty hard. The media has taken this and ran with it, but we can say that with a week, we will be ready to receive our friends. All boats are in tact, all equipment is fine, we have tons of gas…the only little glitch is the 2 meters/6 feet of sand in the dive center. Everyone went down to pitch in to dig it out…add a few extra workers and they hit ground today, the floor that is they found the floor! By tomorrow we will have the entire dive center out of the sand and ready to paint. Now, windows would be nice before we put equipment back, but Nicola is all over that in Tulum, getting new door frames and glass for the new and improved Playa Del Carmen Dive Center. See, bad things never happen, only forced opportunity!

Playa Del Carmen does have some sad stories, some businesses were swept away by the sand and surge, more to the north of the Blue Parrot then south. As far as we know no one lost their homes, but I am sure that some beach front properties did not fair well. Our hearts go out to them and wish them a quick rebuilt.

So, for the first part of our story, we want you to know we faired well. Diving will be here where you come for your next vacation, hotels are around, restaurants are open and all of our local friends are ready for a great year! Now don´t book your ticket tomorrow, give us a week, we have a little makeover to do, but once you return, Playa will still be Playa and your friends will always be your friends, your friends at the Abyss Dive Center.

Okay I am tired now, emails, blog and yes, personal emails to let everyone know we are fine. To all of our divers, thank you, thank you for looking out for us and thank you for caring. Really, your heart felt emails were more overwhelming than the hurricane itself…we thank you for this.

Stay tuned for more information on Tulum and Playa tomorrow, after we go diving in Tulum and after the boys destroy the sand castle that is covering the dive center.

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