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This blog is getting famous….and the emails are coming in requesting more information. Thanks for spreading the word to everyone…information is king and we are happy everyone is getting it. So we apologize for not being online but we are still working hard to get back to normal….again I will stress our normal, not anyone elses normal.

The most important news currently is the status of the dive center in Playa Del Carmen. Dave has been running around looking for alternative locations until we are able to get this resolved. The issue is structural damage that STILL is unresolved. We are stuck in the land of ´Manana´ so things are taking longer than we would like. With the mystery still lurking over our heads, we are reluctant to move everything into the dive center, set up as normal (there is that word again) and find that in December we have to move everything out and fix a structural issue. The unanimous decision is to find a temporary location, set up shop, work with contractors to find the issue at our orignal location and then move back. Complicated, very complicated and really we dont want to tire you with this….

So tonight Dave will have his final meeting and make a decision. The most important thing for us is to get a location, let everyone know where we are and start diving in Playa Del Carmen. Tulum is still fine and we will be diving every day next week. Thank goodness for flexible employees, who are happy to find out each morning where they will be working. And thank goodness for Dave´s ingenious idea to open in Tulum. Many dive centers in Playa Del Carmen are not operational at this time…but we are taking people out any and every day we can in Tulum.

Now the other infamous question. The Reef….what is going on. We have to say that the media, oh the media how we love the media, has lumped any damages to the reef into the entire Caribbean coast…so I would suspect that the world now thinks that the reef no longer exists. Well let me be bold and contratict the international media. The reef does exist here in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and elsewhere. Cozumel and Cancun, the most damaged areas on land may have some areas that were harmed but without seeing if for ourselves….we will refrain comment.

Reports from other dive centers who have been diving in Playa Del Carmen state that the reef is fine..yes some coral is gone, that is expected, but remember that we know the reef better than anyone so when an inch of coral is damaged, or a fan coral is missing or a fish has moved we know. It is similar to your house, you know when it is dusty or a little messy but if we come to visit we knot know or see this. There was some debris on some of the northern sites that seem to have come from damage in Cozumel, but divers are going out and cleaning things up. The situation is being assessed and everytime people go out diving they are reporting areas that may require our attention…thank goodness we all pay attention and thank godness we all care about what is going on out there.

The good news is that starting Monday morning, Senor Dave will be going out with all of us to assess the situation…yes, if you can witness this rare activity, Dave will load up the boat with tanks, employees and maybe some of our regulars and go on a reef hunt. HE IS GOING TO GET WET!!!! The camera will be out for this one…and we guarantee footage! This is his personal mission after being out of the water after Wilma and he wants to report to you, our friends, exactly what he finds…hearsay sucks so the truth will be posted Monday night…or maybe Tuesday morning as we may have a little get together to celebrate the new temporary location…. everyone deserves a break after these last few weeks and an opportunity to let loose….

Now great news, we can re-introduce the Saturday night BBQ´s at the new location…this was one of the criteria for the new site…no BBQ´s, no way!!!!! The first one will be this Saturday and Nicola has announced that she will cook for this!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! No promises for the other Saturdays but she will cook for this Saturday. Look out for grilled fresh fish, BBQ chicken, thai coconut veggies, lemon grass rice and anything else that will be dreamed up for the bash. Ummm, roasted garlic mash…ummmmm HURRICANE COOKIES…

Everyone else in Playa Del Carmen is fine. The Rana had their annual Halloween Bash and drew a great crowd…Java Joe´s is again the hub for information and filled with locals each morning. The fun is still around even though we are not back to normal (oh, there it is again)

Stay tuned for the update tomorrow….and check to see where we will be before you come to visit for El Dia de Gracias (Thanksgiving)

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