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So for fun we are going to give you a report of sitings in the last few days…octopus, big one, in Moc Che, the school of mullets have changed thier spot to after the arch at Moc Che so they are around, just not in Shangra-La. Spotted eagle ray in Tulum at La Roca Grande, a huge school of tarpons at Tortuga in Playa Del Carmen…hmmm what else…..the diving has been so good this week that there is more than we are able to write…..sting rays, oh and the turtle in Gran Cenote is back…

For those of you who are curious, the hurriane sitting in Jamaica is not doing anything to us at all…the ocean in fact is a lake, so quick, grab a flight and come and visit…oh and we had a guest appearance from Diego as he was unable to work at his regular job due to recent surgery…so he has come to watch the shop while we are out diving…it is so nice to have him back..if only for a short time until he can get back to work….because we dont really work at dive center…do we…we just dive all day… could that be work…

Until next time….

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