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Okay this is a secret from Senor Dave…..well, not really but it makes it that more exciting if we think that we have been doing something that maybe we should not be doing. The truth is he has been fully supportive of our latest lunch breaks. So what have we been up to? We have been doing some secret snorkeling on our lunch breaks and what a mini vacation it has been. I know. Question. We are in the water all day so why are we going out to snorkel when we have a moment…a spare moment…read on and we will disclose why.

Diving for all of us is peace…peace and quiet. It has been a busy season and all we do is dive all day. I know, bad life (NOT) but we all really love the peace. Snorkeling fulfills this peace without a schedule and without the need for a boat. We also love adventure like most divers and water babies so when we find a moment to spare Nicola has started these mini lunch breaks. What a reward we have had! She has some good ideas BUT I think she may be onto something here. This peace on a lunch break is better than any Starbucks latte that could be discovered!

Yesterday was a spontaneous day. None of this was planned, it just happened. It was just Nicola and the ocean, snorkeling and taking some time. All of a sudden, she came across a huge piece of reef that none of us knew about. Great coral, lots of sealife and the best part….no one else was out there. It was like having a piece of the ocean to yourself, that is how she explained it…so of course others had to join, who wants to miss out in the fun.

Before we go into Part 2 of the ‘Lunch Break’ it must be stated that this adventure was completed in Tulum. Imagine, sandy beach, white sand that does not get hot and water like a bath tub. No waves and the ocean was clear…..clear blue with not a spot of bad vis…..30 meters of visibility maybe more….this is not even attainable in your bathtub. Lunch break my butt, this is paradise.

So Part 2 had Roman from Cenote Dive Center, our other dive center in Tulum, itching to get in the ocean, sooooo, off to the ocean they went. Same place but much farther this time, Roman thinks about 2000 meters out, so this trip is not for the novice swimmer. The adventurists found great elkhorn coral, lettuce leaf coral, sting rays and finally our buddy, THE EAGLE RAY. It was the eagle ray’s fault that these two kept swimming..they just kept after him. It was like swimming with the whale sharks all over again!

Later in the day, it was discovered that our cave guide, Roman was so excited about his afternoon that he stopped to tell his cave buddies at other dive centers in Tulum…how funny, who says that cave guides don’t like the ocean. It is all a myth. They just love being in the water like the rest of us.

So we think we have started a new Tulum trend. Snorkeling at lunch, just like the PADI advertisement says….an instructors life is great…and we can attest to that…when was the last time you snorkeled on your lunch break? Oh,rumor has it that there are some killer deals right now for flights…have a look and live a luxurious lifestyle just for a moment. The office can wait…but can you… some guy from Germany just came to Tulum for 200 Euros…hmmmmm

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