Mexican Fish Fridays Yellowtail Damsel Fish


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Common Name: Yellowtail Damselfish

Latin Name: Microspathodon Chrysurus

Location: Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas also Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda and Brazil

Distinct Features and Information: A common territorial species that inhabits coral reefs, juveniles usually encountered among branches of yellow stinging coral. Found in very shallow waters of coral reefs, usually near top of outer edge where there are caves, holes, and abundant fire coral. Feeds primarily on algae but also on polyps of fire coral and other invertebrate animal material it grows to a size of 21cm in length. When juvenile it has brilliant blue spots on a dark blue back ground. It is probably the most aggressive of all Damselfish. Size: Up to 3 inches (8 cm).

Special Status or Protections: None

Yellowtail Damsel Fish

Yellowtail Damsel Fish Intermediate

YellowTail Damsel Fish Adult

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