Mexico Monday – Count down for Whaleshark season 2012


Whaleshark season 2012!

Mexico whaleshark tours 2012 in the RIviera maya

The countdown has begun for Whaleshark season in the Riviera Maya! June in fast approaching and we are hoping there will be a random siting when we are diving. Each year we have spotted at least one Whaleshark off the coast on one of our home reefs as the Whalesharks migrate to and from the south. It is one of our greatest thrills to see them while scuba diving as all Whaleshark trips in the summer are snorkeling only!

June to September is Whaleshark season in Mexico!

The biggest fish in the ocean is on our list of the best things to see in the ocean during the summer! for years, we think since we arrived in Playa del Carmen, we have been going to see the Whalesharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Half the fun for us was getting to the location, the thrill was snorkeling with fish that can get as big as 50ft/14m, hanging in their draft and just watching what they do. Their mouths are big, their fins huge! But they are docile though they are the giants! Truly, Whalesharks are the friendly giant and something that can not be missed!

Whalesharks, Manta Rays, Dolphins and more

The Whaleshark trips focus on the Whalesharks, but what most don’t know are the little surprises that join along for the ride. Dolphins are part of the enjoyment of the trip, with pods of dolphins running freely in the Gulf of Mexico, more curious to check you out than anything else. They are fast and friendly but hard to keep up with.

Manta Rays are not a guarantee but a very large probability. If you are super lucky you will catch the migration of the cow rays that move in the thousands, putting the icing on the cake of any Whaleshark trip. The mantas are super and normally are joined by their babies. The Gulf of Mexico in the summer is surely ‘family time’ as ocean families are created and nurtured before they held elsewhere for the summer.

Whaleshark trip details

The Whaleshark trips are full day excursions as it is a bit of a trains, planes, automobile trip. Boats leave from Cancun so all guests are picked up in Playa del Carmen, taken to Cancun, are provided with a briefing on land and then get into the boat for the ocean trip out to the location of the Whalesharks. Guest are provided with wetsuits, fins and snorkels, lunch is included and a reef snorkel will happen after the Whaleshark snorkel. Expect to snorkel with the Whalesharks for as long as you physically can, up to about 12 noon, when they descend to cooler water. Trips leave early so that snorkelers have ample time to get in the water and hang out with the world largest fish. Trust me by the time noon comes, you are tired and welcome a break from your snorkel sprinting.

Interested? Book now and reserve your seat on one of the Whaleshark tours in the summer of 2012. To prepare for your tour, buy some eco-friendly sunscreen and leave the scuba mask cleaner at home. This is an eco-friendly tour that wants to sustain the Gulf of Mexico and the friends we see each summer. help us to keep it that way and preserve the Whalesharks breeding ground!

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