Miercoles Megafauna: Hawksbill Turtle


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Common Name: Hawksbill turtle


Latin NameEretmochelys imbricata


Where you can see them here: Hawksbill turtles are commonly the ones we see on Tortugas, our turtles site. They do show up occasionally on all of our sites here in Playa though!


How to identify them: The hawksbill is a small to medium-sized marine turtle having an elongated green/brown oval shell which appears serrated at the rear. It has a relatively small head with a distinctive hawk-like beak, and flippers with two claws. They are seldom seen in water deeper than (18metres) 65 feet.


What you may not know about them: Due to its consumption of venomous cnidarians (jellyfish and parasites), hawksbill sea turtle flesh can become toxic. Their primary food here in the Caribbean is sea sponges.

The hawksbill sea turtle appears on the reverse side of the 20-Venezuelan bolívar and the 2-Brazilian Reais banknotes.

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